Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Buddy's Barbeque-Wildwood,FL

This is the "working man's bbq place"- downhome and unpretentious but a little on the dirty side. The food is good but not great though it does beat anything else in the area. I was satisfied with the chopped pork sandwich, onion rings and potato salad, but it was the atmosphere that interested me the most. It's the type of place you could imagine a Gretchen Wilson type working before she made it big...they seem to have the typical redneck attitude of "we are who we are whether you like it or not". As of my last visit, they still have a smoking section in defiance of the state ban. That does not appeal to me personally, but you have to admire them for sticking up for individual rights.

OVERALL: 4 of 5

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