Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Full Service BBQ- Maryville,TN

It was cold and dark, with bits of crunchy snow still on the ground- one of those forgotten nights in the twilight of the year. Making our way back south after a week long trip to the mountains, my family and I were passing through Maryville and looking for dinner. Driving through the middle of town, we saw a few of the standard fast food places, quickly came to the other end of town and turned around. Only on the way back through did we see this:

It was an old service station turned restaurant, the gas pumps replaced with wooden picnic tables. My family wasn't as excited as me about trying it out, so I dropped them off to get subs nearby and returned. Service is drive through (or walk up) only. I pulled around the back of what used to be the attendant's counter, and a friendly girl brought me a menu.

I chose a pork sandwich combo which she quickly prepared and brought out. The pulled pork was topped with a few onion slices and one slice of sweet pickle, plus a squirt of their sweet and spicy sauce. The meat had good flavor by itself but I would have liked more of it. I actually liked the added onion. Don't know about the pickle-one slice didn't make much difference anyway. The potato salad was good too, if not very original. Not a bad meal for a cold winter night.

Full Service BBQ on UrbanspoonFOOD RATING: 3.5 OF 5


anthony said...

Thank you for stopping by my restaurant. I am glad to hear your experience was enjoyable. I preach to my employees all the time that every visitor is a critic and it is important to treat everyone with the respect they deserve. It sounds to me like my diligence is paying off.

Caleb said...

Thanks for your comment. If you know who was working that night, hopefully you will let her know the friendly service was appreciated.I hope to be back sometime.