Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ed's Belly Bustin BBQ-Lake City,FL

You won't find Ed's in the phone book, or in a Google search for that matter. Nonetheless, I had heard several secondhand reports that it was worth a try, so I felt it was my duty to stop in. It currently operates out of a catering trailer parked at the southeast corner of Highway 441 (Main St.) and County Rd 100A just north of downtown. They are only open for business on Fridays and Saturdays. On this sunny Saturday, a good sized crowd was gathered as smoke drifted from the portable screened in smoker.

 I ordered a rib plate with potato salad, mac and cheese and tea. It was packed neatly along with two slices of white bread in a styrofoam to-go box, since there are no tables on site. 

The ribs were smoked well. The spicy rub made just a hard enough crust to hold them together, and a little bit of pressure eased them cleanly off the bone. There was a nice 1/4" smoke ring too. As you can tell from the picture, the problem was most of the ribs didn't have more than a quarter inch of meat on them. The flavor was great but it became a little overpowering without enough meat to balance it out. I ended up alternating bites of meat with plain bread to create some contrast. The hot sauce was good, but there wasn't much to do with it. The sides were both great and the sweet tea exceptionally good, definitely homemade.

He's got the cooking part down, but without a little more meat on those bones, it doesn't quite live up to his "Belly Bustin" name.


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