Saturday, June 25, 2011

Memphis Blues BBQ- Lake Butler, FL

  The first time I saw this blue painted concrete block building, I assumed it was another closed up shop, one of the short lived restaurants that seem to come and go in this area. But a few days later, I started seeing their "Now Open" signs around town, and of course had to try it out.
  There are only two tables inside. Across the middle of the room is a small counter where you pay, next to this glass case holding the day's supply of meats:

Your choice is cut right in front of you after you order, a rarity around here but the way I think it should be. The owner kept up an almost constant banter with his customers as he sliced off ribs and chopped pork. "Ya'll watch out for bones in them beans, Grandma said put the bones in the beans, so we put the bones in the beans" he told one.
  I ordered a "Memphis Style" pork sandwich which comes with slaw on it. Apparently he forgot that part, because when I opened my to go box a few minutes later, no slaw. No big deal though, the sandwich was beautiful.

  Big chunks of moist meat were piled high on the plain white bun, with a good amount of flavorful crust mixed in. The sweet and smoky flavors combined perfectly with fresh bread for one of the better sandwiches I've had in quite a while. Along with the sandwich, I got a side of the bone-in beans and sweet tea which was average. There was indeed a large bone and a good amount of meat in the beans. They would have been very good except for an unusual rubber-like taste that I couldn't identify.
  I hope they stick around so I can try their other meats. If they are as good as the pork, just a bit more attention to detail would put this high on my list of favorites.


Memphis Blues BBQ
165 Southwest 4th Avenue
Lake Butler, FL 32054-2021
(386) 496-0707

Open Thursday-Saturday only 
11:00-2:00 for lunch,
4:00 until ? for dinner

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wilson said...

I love the pulled pork with mustard sauce!!!!!