Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Barbeque Pit- Moultrie,GA

The kids and I had a day trip to Moultrie planned for a while, so I took advantage of the chance to see what the town had to offer, barbeque wise. A Google search revealed The Barbeque Pit as one of the few places left, although some lists still mentioned a second restaurant which has since closed down. I noted that Grant of the Marie, Let's Eat! blog had visited last year, and I read his entry with interest.

We spent the day at the Southeastern Agricultural Expo and ended up needing to do a quick kid-friendly lunch of hot dogs and fries to keep everyone happy. By mid-afternoon we were ready to head back south, but as a cold drizzle began to fall I knew I still had one more stop to make. As we pulled in, I noticed the gigantic pile of split oak in a fenced off area of the parking lot. I dodged raindrops on the way to the take-out window, where I placed an order for a sliced pork sandwich on garlic bread with a side of potato salad.

 I didn't really expect to find a steaming hot pile of just smoked pork at four in the afternoon.It was most likely reheated but what stood out more was the lack of any dominating flavor. There was just a hint of mild oak smoke. The few bits of seasoning weren't quite enough to add much either, but at least it wasn't bad tasting or dried out. I poured half of the cup of sauce they gave me on the sandwich and finished it off. The sauce was likewise good though nothing special, and the trend continued with the potato salad and tea.

 I was glad to have made the stop and to have my barbecue fix for the rainy ride home. Still, passing through the barely-there town of Morven, GA, I spied a small shack with a rusty smoker out back called Miller's Barbecue. It was closed, but reading some good reviews of it made me think I might have just missed the real thing. Maybe next time...

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