Friday, June 14, 2013

Big Wood BBQ and Grill- Live Oak, FL

I had meant to stop in here before, when it was Big Daddy's. This spring, though, Big Daddy's closed and reopened (with a new owner I assume) as Big Wood. Their billboards and bright red roof are attention-grabbing, and there's not much else left for barbecue in Live Oak, so I stopped in for lunch one day.

The inside is your typical wood and country decor, with an extreme overabundance of mounted animal heads. I have no problem with displayed hunting trophies, but between these and the 6th grade level double entendres, it had the feel of a museum of the modern redneck.
Sliced pork, baked beans and a baked sweet potato were what I ordered. I was served a
large portion of moist slices that were not especially smoky, though there were some good bits around the edges. The beans were solid if not extraordinary, and the sweet potato was good. On a side note, cinnamon butter is my favorite topping for a baked sweet potato, and I'm  little surprised by
the number of restaurants that don't even offer it. The mild barbecue sauce had a pleasant peppery flavor that livened up the pork a little more. The food was decent, and constant refills of cold sweet tea made it an enjoyable lunch. Unfortunately what stood out most though was the overall atmosphere of fake loudmouth country which I despise.


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2 comments: said...

I stopped in for lunch here this weekend. What is with Lake City/Live Oak BBQ joints and their smoked pork loins? Kinda odd.

Great review by the way. Spot on.

Caleb Laughlin said...

Thanks Mike. I'm not sure how that came about. It's a little bit of a barbecue black hole around here.