Saturday, February 09, 2019

Blue Smoke Barbeque- Blue Ridge, GA

There are several other barbecue places in town, and I had my sights set on visiting one of them during our Christmas vacation in the area. It ended up that we came to Blue Smoke instead when it was recommended by the hostess at another restaurant as a good option without having to wait over an hour in line. So we made our way up the hill to check it out.

The cabin-like interior was too packed to accommodate our large group, but they did offer us the screened in back porch with picnic tables. It was a little too cold to enjoy, but would have been nice on a warmer day. Fortunately, by the time we placed our orders at the counter, several small tables in the sun in front of the restaurant had opened up and we moved there.

One advantage of eating with a big group is that it's easier to try more items. I shared a pulled pork and ribs plate with my wife, and also sampled some of my son's brisket. The cashier informed us that it was a Christmas miracle, as he got the last order of brisket before they ran out. I wish I could agree, but it was more like they pulled out the last scraps they could find which had dried out long ago. The brisket was a fail and my least favorite meat.


The pulled pork was slightly better, though it was actually chopped and a little dry as well. It had some flavorful bits, and a little sauce brought it back to life enough to make a decent sandwich.

By far the best part of my meal was the ribs. We got a good sized slab with meaty bones, just tender enough to pull easily from the bone and well seasoned. A little bit of actual wood smoke could have improved them, but they weren't bad at all for a tourist joint.

The fries, both regular and sweet potato were good, and they give you plenty to fill up on if the meat doesn't do it for you. I also enjoyed the creamy potato salad.

I will try one of the places a bit further off the tourist track next time before returning here. It is a good place to enjoy a decent meal, but not where I would recommend for the best real barbecue experience.




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