Friday, June 23, 2006

Newberry's Backyard Barbecue, Newberry, FL

Another workday lunch found me driving through Newberry, so I stopped at this place I had always wanted to try. It is nicely situated in a remodeled downtown bulding, the only problem with it's location would be the lack of parking. The inside is very nicely done. I didn't have much time, so I just grabbed the basics; a pork sandwich, cole slaw and sweet tea to go. You can't hardly go wrong with that combo, but I would say this was exceptional. I will not post a rating since I didn't actually eat there, but it looks very promising and I will definitely try it again when I can.


safetyman66 said...

Have eaten there many times while visiting my son's family. This is a favorite of their's. Food is excellent and the service is always very good. Sometimes a wait. Choose your time wisely. I can't get past the pork sandwich and slaw. Great onion rings.

Anonymous said...

This place is really, really good. The ribs and chicken are always perfect. They also know how to make sweet and I mean sweet tea.
I would tell everyone to go there only if they want the best barbque they have ever eaten.

Anonymous said...

Backyard has the best onion rings, and there pork chops are amazing. And crazy as it sounds the baby back ribs with home made fried shrimp combo is impossible to beat!