Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Two Sisters Barbeque, Mayo,Florida

I was driving through Mayo the other day, headed to the middle of nowhere, which is the only reason you'd be going through Mayo- not that there's anything wrong with that. Anyway, I figured this town has got to have some kind of barbeque, and as I drove through on Main Street I spotted it. The small sign was hanging on the bottom floor of a little storefront between a hardware store and an unoccupied buiding. I had to drive around the block twice before finding a place to park on a street in back.

The inside was a stark contrast to the crusty outside. Cozy and well decorated, it definitely showed the women's touch. I started to wonder if maybe it was too feminine to have good barbeque. But my doubts were soon erased by the satisfied patrons making their way out, mostly dirty jeans and t-shirt types like myself.

My sliced pork sandwich arrived quickly along with sides of cole slaw and fried okra. The pork was quite good, a little crispy on the edges but moist in the middle. The sauces were about average. I washed it down with their perfect sweet tea, then hit the road with the satisfaction of discovery and a full stomach.

Not quite special enough to merit a detour, but if I happen to be passing through again, I know where to stop.


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