Friday, October 30, 2009

David's Barbeque, Gainesville,FL

It had been years since I ate here, so I took the opportunity to try it out while working in the area. Though it is hidden away in an older shopping plaza, this is an oasis of real-life originality amidst the desert of suburban chain restaurants and hippie hangouts that you find in most of Gainesville. Definitely not fine dining, you order and pick up your styrofoam plate of food at the counter and take it to one of the wooden picnic-style tables to enjoy. (if they are not all taken already) My order of pulled pork with black-eyed peas and cole slaw came up fairly for it being the lunch rush, and the counter staff was efficient and friendly. The pork itself had good flavor but was a little on the dry side for me. My sides were good and the garlic bread and tea were excellent. Looking over the menu, the prices seemed just a bit on the high side, but for $5.99 the Wednesday special I got was a great deal and the portions were large. I hope to be back here more often.


David's Real Pit Bar-B-Que on Urbanspoon

5121 NW 39th Ave
Gainesville, FL 32606-5943
(352) 373-2002


Tyler said...

Their pork does tend to be a little on the dry side, however their beef is outstanding. Any review of David's really should mention the onion rings. They are possibly the best onion rings anywhere. A very good BBQ joint!

Caleb said...

I won't disagree since I didn't try them, but I have to say the best rings I can remember were at Bessinger's BBQ in Charleston. An order is just 4 rings- they are huge, coated with sweet batter fried just till crisp-perfect!