Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Barefoot BBQ- Seaside,FL

The photo above was originally posted on this forum. It has more pictures and comments if you are interested.

 Operating out of 2 Airstream trailers beside Hwy. 30A in the town center of Seaside, FL, (near Destin) Barefoot BBQ is just steps off the beach. But the chilly December day that I stopped here wasn't a beach day-it was the kind of gray,cloudy day when some good barbecue really hits the spot. Looking over the menu, the first thing I noticed (after the prices) was the pecan smoked pork sandwich. I am a big fan of smoking pork with pecan wood in the little bit that I have done, so that was the obvious choice for me. The prices were comparatively high-$15 for a sandwich, two sides and drink! but the smell of the meat on the smoker, wafting on the cold wind, convinced me to give it a try.

I took my sandwich, potato salad and soup to the truck to eat on the ride home. That was a mistake. I drove the next 15 miles paying more attention to making sure I didn't lose one bite of that sandwich, rather than making sure I stayed in my own lane on the road. It was that good. Just the right amount of smoke, combined with perfectly seasoned meat piled high on garlic toast made this the best pork sandwich I've ever tasted-even without any sauce. They have four flavors of sauce and I tried one, but I don't remember much about it. Compared to the wonderful sandwich, sauce was an insignificant afterthought. The potato salad and barley soup were excellent as well. The only complaint I have is that the tea seemed to be canned Lipton.

The following was posted by the owner at http://www.sowal.com/bb/dining-food/34358-barefoot-barbecue-seaside.html:

For those who may not know about Barefoot BBQ, we are a little BBQ joint operated out of 2 Airstream trailers in Seaside. We serve only hormone-free, antibiotic-free, steroid-free meat and organic produce. Even our desserts are organic. We don't serve drinks in plastic containers (including our water, which is an amazingly delicious canned water called "Source"). All of our to go products are made from renewable and biodegradable resources such as rice, corn and sugar. Some of our retail shirts (which are super cool and I believe represent the vibe of 30A) are made from organic cotton and recycled materials. All of this to say, we are not perfect in our carbon footprints upon this beautiful planet, but we're trying to do our part. It is our intention to serve whole food that feeds that body and the planet. Oh, and did I mention, the BBQ and the sauces rock! Can't wait to see y'all out at the Airstreams. We're cooking 24/7 so there's plenty to go around. Thank you again for your amazing support!!!

Guess that explains the price-though I should point out this is a vacation/resort area and you could do much worse for the same amount of money. It might seem a little oxymoronic for a barbecue place to be worried about their "carbon footprint", but even though opinions on that may differ, you can't argue with barbecue perfection.


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Anonymous said...

I would not tell anyone to eat at this place. The food is way over priced and is not that great. The mac and cheese taste like it comes from a box. The pork tasted old- I thought maybe it was just a bad day, so I went back and order brisket and ribs, again, tasted old and made me sick. Do not go here!

Anonymous said...

The cashier inflated the prices so she could add a 10% charge to my bill for her tip. She then lied and told me the prices had gone up from what was posted on the price board. Never again.