Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I had heard lots of advertisements for this new chain which now has locations from Lakeland to Cross City. The Chiefland restaurant is the one I tried. It's located in a newly remodeled shopping strip on the south end of town. Just that fact that it's new would seem to give it an advantage in a town where every other restaurant is showing it's age.

The atmosphere is what I would call loudmouth country. The walls are covered with hunting, sports, and beer memorabilia, a little more than is necessary in my opinion-sort of like a Cracker Barrel on steroids. I tend to think any place that tries this hard to look genuine will fall short of the real thing. Anyway, you order from the misspelled menu at the counter on the way in, then find a seat and wait for your meal. I ordered the pulled pork which came with two sides and garlic bread.

I could handle all this plastic cowboy kitsch if the food was up to par. It was not. The meat was a little dry and basically flavorless. There was no hint of smoke that I could find. Fortunately there are 6-7 different sauces on each table that
you can try and they saved the day. With interesting names like "Ol' Yeller" and "Tire Lube" you've gotta try 'em, and most are really good. The sweet potato fries I got as a side were excellent. Other than that, the food was disappointing as well.

Not what I'd hoped for, but I would try one of the other locations just to see if they can pull it off any better than this place.


Stick a fork in it-it's overdone


Anonymous said...

Live in Chiefland, grew up here..The BBQ here is awful. Taste like it was over baked in an oven. The other BBQ in town is edible half the time. I miss what Sonny had in Gainesville twenty five years ago. BBQ just isn't the same anymore.

Anonymous said...

I live in Chiefland, the BBQ that we get there is good sometimes but not enough, what a shame they could be so much more. I just went to eat at the new one that was built for lunch and after paying realized that there was no place to sit down and the one booth that was open was so small that it was uncomfortable. What a let down I was hoping for more than that.

Anonymous said...

What a disappointing experience! I had the pulled pork and it was fat and bark and after complaining they acted like it was my fault that I did not request it with no bark. I fill like the we threw $25 out the window because nothing we got was worth the money. We won't go back I can guarantee that!