Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Old South Family Barbecue- Cross City, FL

Following the Cross City trend of playing musical restaurants, a new barbecue place has opened in the building which used to be a chinese buffet, and before that was the Carriage House restaurant. I gave it a try, to see if it was an alternative to BubbaQue's. Their menu actually has more burgers and sandwiches than barbecue, but they had a two barbecue sandwich special on the day I visited. The only  options were chicken or pork, so I asked for one of each, along with fries and tea.

Service was a little slow. When the food arrived, it was a good amount for the price. But quantity does not equal quality. The fries were okay. The meat was piled on regular hamburger buns, and I honestly had a hard time telling which was chicken and which was pork. Both were flavorless, finely chopped and smothered in a sauce that did them no favors. I stuffed most of it down, and left with a full stomach but unsatisfied taste buds. Sorry to say, but even BubbaQue's is a better option when in Cross City.

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