Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BubbaQue's-Cross City,FL

As mentioned in my April review of the Chiefland BubbaQue's, I wanted to try another one of their locations and see if it was any better, or if the lousiness was chain-wide. Their Cross City restaurant is in the building formerly occupied by the short lived Smokey's BBQ. I have to  admit the log style exterior and rocking chairs out front make it look a lot more inviting than the Chiefland strip store. The inside is slightly more appealing too, still cluttered but a little more tasteful. You order at the counter, then find a seat.

This time, I ordered a beef sandwich on garlic toast and cole slaw. The cole slaw was fresh and crispy. The beef had a little tasteful spice, but again was very low on smoke flavor. They have the same wide selection of sauces to jazz it up. It's a little fun dipping your sandwich in "Tractor Grease" and "Pine Tar", but still no substitute for real  flavor.

Overall this is a slight improvement from the Chiefland location, the difference being, I would  actually try this one again, if only to sample all the sauces.


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