Sunday, August 14, 2011

Newberry's Backyard BBQ- Newberry,FL


I've been here several times but never done an official review, so here goes. On a recent Saturday evening, my family and I drove down to the little town of Newberry for dinner. Backyard BBQ  is in an old brick building right on the main road through town. We parked on the other side of the street and went inside.  There are two main dining areas, both of them good size, so there wasn't much of a wait even though they had quite a crowd.

Their menu includes something called the Newberry Family Feast For Four which they describe as "a delicious combination of pork, beef, chicken, spare ribs, potato, corn on the cob, baked beans, cole slaw and garlic bread!" This seemed like a good option to feed our whole group and allow me to sample all the meats, so that is what we ordered. After about 10 minutes, the meal arrived, all piled on a pizza tin:

The meats varied in quality, so we'll go from worst to best. The sliced pork, seen at the front of the platter above, was on the dry side and hadn't taken on much smoke. With a little of their sweet sauce, it was an acceptable start.

While the sliced brisket was also a little overcooked, it had a better smoke ring, and the smoke flavor combined well with the seasoned beef.

The chicken was a kid favorite of course, but the perfectly moist meat tasted great to us adults as well. The golden skin had absorbed just enough smoke to make this some of the best smoked chicken I've had at a restaurant.

By far the star of the meal was the ribs. They had a thick, sweet bark, good smoke ring, and were just-right tender. No sauce was needed for these, and they quickly disappeared off the plate.

With all this meat to feast on, we hardly made a dent in the sides. The beans that were brought out before the rest of the meal were smoky with bits of meat, and made a great appetizer. Everything else we tried was good, if not memorable.

The "Feast for Four" was plenty food for our two adults and two kids. It's an inexpensive way to sample the different meats and find your favorite.


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JR said...

You is crazy. Their pork and beef has FLAVOR: something most other bbq plqces do not. I would without hesitation give them 5 for 5. Ask almost anyone in the area: Backyard Barbecue is by far the best! Oh, next time? Get the pork chops-the best.

Caleb said...

Thanks for sharing your opinion. I agree that they have more flavor than most places in this area, but in my travels I've also been quite a few places that have them beat.