Saturday, September 24, 2011

Adam's Rib Company, Gainesville,FL

Several friends had suggested I try Adam's Ribs, and I was happy to oblige, especially since they advertise themselves as the best barbecue in Gainesville. Actually, it had been on my list for a while, since I'd often driven past the smiling gator sign just north of the university and wondered what was inside the nondescript building with smoke trickling from the back. As I pulled in and parked, a peek around back revealed their smokers where the cooking is done:

The inside eating area is rather small and dated, with a counter running the length of the restaurant and several tables along the other side. There are also a few picnic tables outside, but I took my order to go. Ordering is done at the counter whether you are eating there or not.

I was still recovering from too much home cooked barbecue with friends the night before, so I wasn't in any shape to try everything. Having to narrow it down to one selection, I of course went for the ribs. The four rib dinner comes with garlic bread and two sides for $9.99. My sides were potato salad and macaroni and cheese.

The sides were ok but not my favorite in either case. Looking over the menu and others' comments later, I should have tried the corn nuggets and collard greens. Oh well, a good reason to go back.

And I will return, because these ribs are awesome.  They were exactly what I would expect in great ribs, a sweet and slightly spicy rub complementing just enough smoke to create perfect flavor in the tender meat. Though there was plenty of it on the four bones to feed a hungry man, I still managed to clean them off quite well- they were that good. They offered a choice of several sauces on the side, and I tried the sweet one which was good, but not needed as the ribs had plenty flavor on their own.

Without a question, these are the best ribs I've had in Gainesville. The rest of the menu looks promising, and I can't wait to go back and try more of it.


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RobS said...

I have to disagree with this review. I normally don't go out of my way to comment publicly on anything, but I can't let this slide. My brother and I decided to eat here one Saturday afternoon. We were excited. How could we not be? Seeing as they specialize in ribs, we thought we couldn't go wrong. Sadly, we were very disappointed.

Absolutely, without a doubt, the worst ribs I've ever had in terms of tenderness. The gold standard, for me, is all about this quality. I really had to work to get the meat off the bone and when I did it was like chewing on leather! The flavor was good, but I just couldn't get past the toughness of the meat. If you enjoy tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs, please look elsewhere. If your idea of good ribs is chewing for hours, then you've found the right place.

We had the collard greens and mac 'n cheese as sides, which were very good. Honestly, though, if the sides out-perform the meat in a restaurant that supposedly specializes in ribs and BBQ, shouldn't you keep on driving? I would recommend any other BBQ restaurant over Adam's Rib Co any day. I won't be going back.

Caleb said...

Sorry you were disappointed but I appreciate your report. Unfortunately it seems like many of the bbq joints in this area are hit and miss. It sounds like they may have served you left over meat from the day before, which if true would be inexcusable. I know from my visit though that they are at least capable of doing some great ribs.