Friday, October 15, 2010

Jimmy Z's Barbecue Bistro-New Tampa,FL

From the first time I noticed it, "Barbecue Bistro" seemed like an oxymoron to me. I imagined suit-clad patrons daintily nibbling small portions of heavily garnished meat, and washing it down with sweet tea from a wine glass. Eventually though, my curiosity got the better of me, and having exhausted most other lunch options in the immediate area, I gave it a try.

The interior was bright, spacious and clean, though paper pictures and fluorescent lights may not be exactly what you'd expect to find in a bistro:

Service seemed a little slow for as empty as they were. I ordered the rib plate with potato salad and barbecue beans, while others in my party tried sandwiches, fries and red cabbage slaw.

 While the portions were good size, the food quality was hit and miss. My four ribs were a little tough and very bland. Their sauce didn't impress me either. There was plenty of meat on the ribs, but in the end I didn't even finish them. The pork sandwich was a little better but still short on flavor. I did enjoy the potato salad and unusual, but surprisingly good cole slaw. 

All in all it was a mild disappointment. If I had to describe this place in one word, it would be: halfhearted.


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