Friday, November 05, 2010

Captain Stan's Smokehouse, Woodbine,GA

Knowing I was going to be near Woodbine the following day, I did a quick search for restaurants in the area. Of the few I found, Captain Stan's sounded intriguing, so I had it in the back of my mind as I was searching for a lunch spot. Still, it snuck up on me and I drove past before I realized this was it:

Not seeing anything else interesting, I turned around and drove by again. There was a small shack, no big sign but lots of smoke and miscellaneous oddities strewn around the building. Either this was a redneck junkyard, or the signs of some authentic down home barbecue. I pulled in. Walking through the front door, it took my eyes a minute to adjust to the cluttered, dim interior. The wood walls and counter gave a comfortably worn feeling that made you immediately feel at home. I looked the menu over, and since I was short on time, ordered a rib plate to go. The kitchen is directly behind the counter and open to view, so I was able to watch as my order was prepared. I wandered past the few inside tables and out the side door, which opens to a dirt courtyard complete with picnic tables for outdoor dining:

There was a campfire burning in the middle, and if I had the time to linger it would have been the perfect way to enjoy my meal, which by now was ready.

Potato salad was good. Baby lima beans were a little watery but seasoned well, almost like a bean soup. And for the ribs...I had seen the cook place them on the grill so I knew they were reheated. But, they were still tender and had excellent flavor and texture. I could tell they had been smoked for a good long time, the only drawback was they seemed to have picked up a little extra garlic from the grill. I'm guessing because they also offer garlic crabs and shrimp- see the whole menu here. Anyway, the ribs were good but probably would have been awesome when they were fresh.

Captain Stan was evidently not around during my visit, but judging from the country meets island flavor of his place, he's a real character. According to their website, he also leads guided gator and wild boar hunts in the area. As a side note: they have a bar as well as restaurant and several other reviews have said it can get loud and rowdy on some nights and weekends. When I went it was just a small,quiet lunch crowd, enjoying some great barbecue.

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Anonymous said...

Love it there! Have lived in this area for 14 years and can highly recommend visiting Captain Stan's. Really just a great meal with some unexpected conversation. I am never disappointed with either...

Anonymous said...

Stan is a jerk,if you go there you will see what I mean. I have seen him cuss out his workers and customers. He is drunk or high most of the time.